What does it take to make your practice more efficient?

We get creative and look at how your practice’s design affects employee efficiency.

Better access to resources

Improve access for your employees to vital resources such as files and people that they would often collaborate with each other on tasks, by moving the filing cabinet closer and sharing work-spaces. That way they are not wasting valuable time going to the opposite end of the office to get patient files or to speak with another employee.

Make comfort a premium

A study from the ASID’s found that comfortable employees tend to be more productive employees.  As well as a comfortable office chair and desk, consider less expensive items to increase comfort such as ergonomic keyboards and computer mice.  Even adding some colour and decorative touches to the office can create a more comfortable environment for employees.

Allow privacy in workspaces

A suitable level of privacy should be allowed to employees depending on the specific work tasks they perform.  Where employees are required to do a substantial amount of reading, consider separating them from employees whose tasks require a lot of talking. As Researchers have found when employees overhear conversations of  other employees there is a 5-10% decline in cognitive tasks requiring  efficient use of short-term memory.

Make flexibility the forefront of the design

Designing your practice with adjustability in mind is key to maintaining flexibility. If you have built in desks and heavy file cabinets on top of each other this makes it harder to adjust when needed.  Flexibility ties in with the other three key factors mentioned above.  As your practice goes through phases of growth or offers new services, you should consider the fact that your medical practice’s design should adjust accordingly in terms of access, comfort and privacy.

Keeping these four design factors in mind may not make your practice look any prettier, but it will no doubt help you to get more out of your practice employees.   Contact our friendly team to help you choose comfortable and functional furniture for your practice or healthcare facility on 0800 663 272 or email us at enquiries@archermedical.co.nz

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