We’ve always had an in-depth understanding of the specialized requirements of our client, and whilst we’ve evolved through the years, one thing that hasn’t changed is how we continue to carefully design and craft all our products to meet those needs.


We continually strive to ensure the patients and staff within the medical and hospital environment are comfortable and provided for. We therefore take a customer centric approach to every project to guarantee that our furniture is correct for our clients in both staff and patient needs as well as budget requirements. Extra care is undertaken to ensure each piece of our furniture is designed to be best possible experience and care for patients by combining comfort, quality, and the correct ergonomics.

It is imperative that patients physical and emotional wellbeing are attended to when attending medical facilities. To aid this, our furniture is designed to have a positive impact on medical appointments and extended stays, adding comfort and functionality to many of the furniture and equipment used across medical care. Allowing for better positioning, the experience can be more comfortable and simpler for both the patient and medical professional. Furthermore, our extensive range of Covid-19 vaccine equipment provides an additional layer of protection amid the current surge in pandemic-related hospitalizations.


Whilst safety and functionality are primary, we have a distinct appreciation of the role that comfort and aesthetics play in the wellbeing of patients, visitors, and employees alike. This is evident in a project undertaken at Templeton Medical, a vibrant medical center in a small town on the outskirts of Christchurch offering a comprehensive package of family orientated primary care. The team at Archer Medical worked closely with the owners to bring their vision for a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere to life. A selection of seating chosen for the waiting room areas was the Lauren Chairs, Mayfair Armchairs, Booth Seating, Mason Higher Chairs and Cubes upholstered in vibrant yet calming colours of teals, deep reds, creams and pops of orange, yellow and light blue. In the medical rooms our exclusive ACM3 Medistar Fixed Height Plinths and Medistar 3 Section Electric Plinths were installed along with the Ark Footstools that pair perfectly with the Plinths, alongside Martina Armchairs for seating comfortably.


As with all projects, we strive to provide the best positive experience to realize our client’s vision. Consequently, the selection of pieces is a considered and collaborative decision unique to facility’s functional and material needs. This demands a deep understanding of each of our clients’ unique requirements, something which the Archer Medical team takes pride in.