It’s important to us at Archer Medical that the furniture we provide our customers is functional, aesthetically appealing, and long-lasting. Which is why we are committed to ensuring our furniture is designed with ease of care in mind whether it's cleaning of high-pressure laminate surfaces, acrylic surfaces, metal surfaces, stone surfaces, powder coated surfaces, or fabric and leather upholstery.

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This is especially important to us and our clients in the current Covid-19 climate, when it’s never been more pressing for medical centres, hospitals, and healthcare centres to ensure that surfaces are clean to keep patients, safe.
As each piece of furniture has different care requirements based on their material, the team at Archer Medical have compiled a handy Product Maintenance & Cleaning Guide to help make caring for our furniture a simpler task, including our new products specifically sourced and designed for Covid-19 environments in mind. The guide recommends best-suited methods to clean and maintain our furniture to keep it looking great, but most importantly to help protect those who live and work in the healthcare facilities.

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From cabinets, bed frames, to benchtops, many of the products that we supply to medical facilities are produced with melamine-faced surfaces, such as our Mercedes range including a 4-drawer locker which features a hard-wearing easy-to-clean hygienic anti-spill single moulded top with melamine smooth finish underplate - ideal for use in hospitals, day stay clinics, medical centres, healthcare centres and more. Whilst soap or detergent can be used for organic stains, we recommended avoiding unnecessary wetting or abrasive cloths and cleaners, instead we suggest cleaning melamine-faced surfaces via regular wipe-downs with a damp soft cloth and then a dry cloth to polish clean – easily integrated into the facilities’ current cleaning practices.

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The same is true for the examination equipment we supply. An example is our Halux N30 LED Examination Light which is not only perfectly equipped for versatile everyday use, but the closed construction avoids dirt pockets and is easy to clean. As with all our products with a metal-finished surface, we recommend cleaning regularly using a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner.


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