Since our inception, we’ve been crafting timber into beautiful dining chairs and tables for the domestic industry. As times moved on, we expanded into aged care, healthcare, and retirement industries to meet the increasing need for specialised quality, functional and New Zealand-made furniture. Whilst the business has grown, our vision has always remained the same: crafting quality furniture.

Paris Setting-01

Archer Medical furniture is lovingly designed and crafted in New Zealand with European design input that sets new standards in the design of specialist treatment tables, furniture, and equipment. Our focus on crafted furniture that helps the health care sector ensure patients have the best possible experience and care, by combining comfort, quality, and the correct ergonomics.
One example is through the creation of our timber tables. We are meticulous about the timber we select, exclusively working with solid timber which is durable and easy to repair. Scratches, dents, water marks, and other stains that furniture may be subject to in high-use environments are all repairable with solid wood furniture. Archer Medical guarantees all furniture against defects in workmanship and materials for 7 years, when used in situations for which they were designed for.

Once the timber is selected, it is cut to length and machined to size, in our factory before being hand-selected for grain matching and laminated together. Each piece is run through machines to ensure the wood is sanded and cut to the desired breadth and depth before being cut to the perfect size and shape for each of our tables. The table can now be assembled – but the process isn’t finished yet! Next up the table is polished and a 4-step finish process is undertaken including stain, sealer, sanded, and finally lacquered with our two-pack finish. All our timber tables are finished this way to avoid yellowing with age, protect the product well against liquids, and require very little maintenance. Finally, the table legs have special glides attached before the final product is packaged and ready to be dispatched to its new home. This entire process can take up to 10 hours per table – it’s a meticulous, time-consuming process required to ensure only the highest safety standards are met.

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The capability to create custom designs, manufacture and produce in-house means we can continually provide excellent service and supply. Our Paris collection is a classic example of our in-depth understanding of the specialised requirements for patients of the health care facilities we refurbish and fit out. A popular piece in the collection, the Paris Occasional Tables is clean and contemporary in design that offers flexibility and customisable options for a variety of interiors. Available in different sizes, materials, and heights to meet the diverse needs of users across a range of applications, these New Zealand-made tables form part of the wider Paris Collection and are highly customisable with the size and finish selected to suit the look of your reception area or waiting room.

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Also available in a bench, chair and two-seater, the range is not only aesthetically pleasing…being solid wood it is also practical.
Our entire range of furniture solutions crafted to correct industry-specific standards can be viewed here.